Fujialpha elevator join hands in Covid 19 prevention

Covid – 19 epidemic has become increasingly complex and has greatly affected almost all branches and sectors of the economy. Many shops and companies have been plagued by epidemics, so they have to close or temporarily stop operation for a while, some elevator companies even have to delay their periodical maintenance activities during the epidemic to save cost.

For Fujialpha Joint Venture company, although going through a very difficult period due to a series of customers announcing the suspension of maintenance contracts because of sluggish business, the company’s daily operation still takes place with the whole employees working normally.

To ensure the safety of our employees as well as our customers, Fujialpha Joint Venture Company has taken a series of measures to prevent the spread of the virus:

  • 100% of employees must take Health Declaration as per Company’s form
  • In the morning, before entering the office, all employees of Fujialpha will be asked to checked body temperature, who has a temperature above 37.5 will be required not to come into the office and work from home.
  • During working time, all employees are required to wear masks and wash their hands regularly with disinfectant solution.
  • Each employee is given 3 antibacterial masks
  • For the maintenance department, each employee is given an additional bottle of hand sanitizer to carry with.

Fujialpha Joint Stock Company hopes that those positive and timely measures above will ensure the health of employees and strictly control epidemics at the same time.

Fujialpha Joint Stock Company wishes our customers a healthy, successful virus containment period!