Maintenance engineer of Fujialpha troubleshoot the elevator’s def due to heavy rain on new year’s eve

30 December (Lunar New Year) is often an occasion for people to gather during year-end, but for maintenance staff of the Fujialpha, this 30 December (Lunar New Year) is such a special day.

The unexpected shower in the afternoon of 30 Tet (January 24th 2020) in Hanoi has surprised many people. Due to heavy and prolonged rainfall, there were flooding in many streets in Hanoi. This has caused many families and apartment buildings using elevators to suffer due to water spilling into a pit or a water draining engine room, including customers of Fujialpha Joint Venture company.

Although it is the afternoon of the 30th New Year, maintenance staff of Fujialpha were  quickly on their way to troubleshooting as soon as receiving the notice of the customer about the elevator incident when it was raining very hard with flooding. Because many customers had elevator defects in the same time, not only the employees assigned to work on the 30th New Year but all employees who were present in Hanoi were mobilized to support customers to repair the elevator right in the night 30th Year-end. Determined not to let a elevator stop working on New Year’s Eve, by 10:30 pm on New Year’s Eve, the entire elevator incident is handled and overcome thoroughly with 100% of elevators being in normal operation, ensuring stable and safe usage for customers in the new year.

It was the professional attitude and timely manner in all situations that Fujialpha Joint Venture Company has received credibility and trust of customers during the past few years, to deserve as one of the leading companies in Vietnam providing excellent services in the field of elevators.