Safety in family elevator

After having selected a good product and having it installed carefully, during normal usage, you need to preserve, store and maintain the elevator regularly. Hygiene, cooling, and power supply all contribute to longevity and safety during the use of elevators.

Fire safety

Fire protection in elevators is an urgent requirement of Vietnam as well as in the world. Fire protection has two levels of control system.

Level 1: When the control cabinet receives a signal from the building’s fire alarm system, the elevator will cancel the calls and automatically run to the designated floor, opening the door for passengers to exit and stop the elevator inactive.

Level 2: When the fire switch is on, the ladder will cancel the commands and run to the floor for emergency and fire fighting purposes. At this time, ladders only operate as ordered in the cabin provided that the ladder’s power supply remains. When the fire spreads, the staircase has a fire-rated door according to Vietnamese standards of 1-hour fire-fighting, or a special program for fire-fighting for 2 hours, giving enough time to save people trapped in the ladder.

Wireless elevator management system

By the end of 2015, Fujialpha will bring consumers the most modern wireless elevator management technology in Vietnam, reaching a speed of 4m/s, being managed via the Internet with low cost. With this system, when the elevator is in operation, if an error occurs, the error will immediately be reported to the system. And there’s no need to be right there, technicians can trace and the problem will be fixed quickly. The installation of elevators and the commissioning procedures are strictly adhered to international standards.

Home lifts with loads from 300kg to 450kg (loads from 4 to 6 people), can use 1-phase electricity (220V), suitable for family houses, attached house and villas. If professionally maintained, the elevator will always be in good condition and ensure user safety.